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  3. Copyright and Use of ASU IR Content: The Site includes Research, Summary of essay, Thesis, Dissertation, Projects, Datasets, and other works protected by copyright. Some of the Content on this site may include materials from older published works that have passed into the public domain under copyright law. Where such information is known, it is included specifically in the metadata associated with each item of Content. However, the Site itself and most of the materials held as Content on the Site are protected by copyright and other laws. These materials have been deposited in furtherance of the University's educational and research mission. Further, you have the responsibility to make your own assessment of the copyright or other legal concerns that might affect your use of ASU IR content and to assume personal responsibility for your uses of Content.
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  5. ASU IR Access Levels: Where possible, ASU IR makes its Content available to the general public.
  6. Use of ASU IR Site and Content: Unless otherwise specified in the metadata attached to an item, Content that has been made accessible to the general public in furtherance of the University's educational and research mission. If you make an item of Content available to others, you shall do so in accordance with the terms of the rights granted pursuant to the particular item of Content. You may not use a facsimile of the published version of an article that may be posted in ASU IR under these open access terms, unless the publisher so permits. You will not make any translation, adaptation, or other derivative work of an item of Content except as authorized under law. You may not sublicense or otherwise transfer your rights in an item of Content, unless specifically authorized by the copyright license granted to the item of Content, and will only make Content available to others for use by them under these Terms of Use. Links on the Site to third-party web sites are provided solely as a convenience to you. We do not approve or endorse the content of linked third-party sites, and you agree that we will have no responsibility or liability in connection with your use of any linked third-party sites.
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  8. Fair Use and Other Lawful Uses: Nothing in these Terms of Use is intended to restrict or limit you from making uses of Content that, in the absence of rights granted hereunder, would not infringe or violate anyone's copyright, trademark or other rights. To the extent permitted by law, adaptation of ASU IR Content to enable use and access by persons with disabilities is encouraged.
  9. Reserved Rights; Obtaining Permissions: All rights in the Site and the Content that are not expressly granted are reserved. You agree to use the Site and the Content only in ways that comply with copyright and all other applicable laws, as well as with these Terms of Use, and that do not infringe or violate anyone's rights. If you wish to make any use of the Content that requires authorization under copyright, trademark, or other rights, you agree to obtain all necessary permissions. You are responsible for determining whether permission is needed to make any use of the Content that you wish to make.
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