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End user is a user uses the Institutional Repository to access documents without logging in to the system. The End user is any user who wants to search, read, download, and access documents. The end user is not restricted geographically also academically.

1. Browse by discipline through navigation

The system designed to access documents through navigation by discipline. For instance, if someone wants to see uploaded researches under the department of Information science simply follows the next step.

How to browse by discipline?
  1. Open the system.
  2. Click on Collection from navigation bar.
  3. Select the college from list of colleges.
  4. Select Department from list of departments under selected college from step 3.
  5. Go to recent submissions and click on next until you get the desired document.
There are also many options to browse using different methods. Those methods are: To get these options
  1. Open the system.
  2. Click on Collection from navigation bar.
  3. Select the browsing option under Browse bar from right side of the page.

2. Search

The system is designed by very user friendly. It is not confusing to search documents. To search documents just follow the following steps.
  1. Open the system.
  2. Write your query in the search box above navigation bar.
  3. Click on Search icon.
  4. Navigate results until you get documents that match your query.
When you chose the search button the system searches the document that match your query by comparing all keywords selected from index of database. The keywords include Title, Author name, Abstract, Keywords etc.
There is also another choice search under particular college, search under particular department, search by Title, search by Author, search by issue date, and search by Subject. When you chose these options the result is limited to that particular choice.
If you want to search from particular department or college browse to that department or college and write on search box under that college or department.

3. Advanced Search

There is also an advanced search option to search using different methods. To get advanced search follow the next steps.
  1. Open the system.
  2. Write something on search box and click on search icon.
  3. Click on Advanced search under Search button.
Under Advanced search there are options. The first box contain With Any One of the Words this means the result will be the document that contains any word of the inserted query. The second box contains With the Exact String this means the index that exactly matches the inserter query. Without means the index that not contains the inserted word, Starts with means the title that start with the inserted word/Character.

4. Send feedback

Feed back is very important for one system to correct its mistakes, to add new features or another. Giving a comment is very appreciated in this system. To send feedback follows the next step.
  1. Open the system.
  2. Click on Feedback from navigation bar.
  3. Write the correct email address (the answer must be sent to that email from administrator).
  4. Write your feedback or comment.
  5. Click on Send feedback.
Only administrator can read the feedback.

5. Sign up

To sign up follow the following steps this needs the patience because of its sensitiveness.

  1. Open the system.
  2. Click on Collection from navigation bar.
  3. Go to My account from right side of the page and select Register.
  4. Enter your Email address (This address will be verified and used as your login name) and click on Register button.
  5. The system will send verification code to your Email address. Check your email address and insert the sent verification code to your Email address.
  6. Insert all information and click on Register button.
  7. Wait until Administrator sends a registration link to your Email address. The email may take up to Two working days.
  8. When the link is sent to your email, click on that link and insert the password you want (Strong password is recommended).

6. Forgot password

If you forgot your password follow the following step
  1. Open the system.
  2. Click on Login from navigation bar.
  3. Click on Forgot password?
  4. Write your email address and click on send button.
  5. The link will be sent to your email address, click on the link and insert your new password.
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