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About ASU IRs

Assosa University Institutional Repository is a service that provides long-term access to a broad range of intellectual content of enduring value.
As part of its social commitment as a University, ASU strives to ensure that scholarly research results are as widely available as possible. ASU IRs provides open access to the work that makes ASU a leader in research, teaching, and creativity. ASU IR is where the Library preserves the scholarly and artistic work of our faculty, staff, and students. ASU IR showcases the work of individuals as well as departments, programs, institutes, and other formal and informal campus communities.
ASU IR is designed to meet the demands of today's researcher. The service is also intended to evolve to reflect changing publishing needs and norms as identified by ASU faculty, staff, and students; we welcome your input and engagement. The University Library provides this service free to you as a member of the Assosa University scholarly community.

What you get when you deposit your work in ASU IRs


Making your work accessible via ASU IR will facilitate discovery and citation.

Persistent links

ASU IRs technology ensures a stable online location (URL) for your work, allowing reliable access to your work over time. More information on persistent links.


Assosa University Library strictly works on digital archiving and preservation. The Library is committed to preserving your work in ASU IRs for the long term, exactly as you deposit it. More information on preservation.


ASU IRs supports a variety of formats, and we encourage you to deposit your finished work.

Institutional context

Assosa University is a destination for the best researchers and scholars, and ASU IR places content in the larger context of the ASU environment, side-by-side with the scholarly and artistic contributions of colleagues, students, and others in the ASU Community.

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