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The Usage and Effect of Social Media Network on Students’ Academic Achievement in Assosa University

cheru Haile, Yimer Amedie, Abebe Senbeta, Bini
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Social network is a phenomena which has a new science of media network based on web based service that gives individual the opportunity to create either a public or group profile within a bounded system. Social media network uses for different reason among the community. One of the reason is to communication purpose between individuals aboard live with low cost is the primary advantage. The other advantage of social network media is add a list of others to with they share a connection and view and transfers their list of connections and those made by others within the system. Therefore, this study was carried out with the aim of examining the usage and effect of social media on students’ academic performance in Assosa University. This research adopted descriptive and explanatory research design. It also employed the use of cross sectional survey method using survey questionnaires that contains 16 items with a Likers Scale (neither of agree nor disagree and strong Agree). The sample of 382 students from Assosa University was selected using Yemane sampling method. The data collected was analyzed using description means and regression via SPSS 21. The Pearson’s correlation coefficients of four independent are correlated with student’s academic performance while two are not. However, using the regression analysis four variables is significant which include: Time appropriateness, people-friend connection, nature of Usage and health addiction while Time duration and security/privacy problems are not significant.


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