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Assessing of Records Management Practices among the Administrative Staff of Assosa University

Waltanigus Birhanie, Genene Abera, Eshetu Gusare
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Records in any organization is the most basic and crucial asset. Records management practices are vital to every organization aiding in the achievement of certain goals set by the founders of that organization from the conceptualization of that business. Recorded information requires effective and efficient Records management practices to ensure ease of access and retrieval. Management of records in Higher education is majorly characterized by poor Records management practices. The Aim of the study was to evaluate records management practices at Asssosa University and to suggest ways in which these practices can be enhanced. The objectives of this study were: to assess the records management practices at Assosa University conform to national legislations, policies and guidelines and to examine whether records management practices conform to national legislations; to examine the effect of effective records management on the performance of the university; to investigate the types of record management policies in the university; to examine the relationship between good records management practices and decision making; to discover the factors and challenges facing the University records management practices and to suggest how records management practices can be enhanced by use of best practices. The study adopted a descriptive survey research design involving both quantitative and qualitative research methods. The study population was 1,203 with a sample size of 241 involving directors, and operational staff. The study used probability sampling method in which stratified sampling technique was used to categorize the respondents. Data was collected through interviews and administration of questionnaires using predesigned questionnaires and interview schedule. The key findings of the study were that: there is no framework for effective and efficient records management; there are no institutional policies, guidelines and regulations for records management and basic record management skills among staff were inadequate. The study concluded that records management is not adequately effective and efficient. The study recommended that the University should develop an operational framework for effective and efficient records management, to formulate institutional policies guidelines and regulations for records management and provide basic records management skill to staff.


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