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Enablers, Difficulties and Features to Implement E-Learning in Assosa University
Yimer Amedie, Cheru Haile, Biniyam Wondie (Assosa University, 2019-06-12)
This study investigated the possibility of implementing E-Learning in ASU by identifying the enablers, difficulties and opportunities of E-Learning in the University. Enabling factors which includes a. . .
Source: Department of Information Technology

Cooperative Content Caching and Sharing towards Enhancement of Users QoE in Device-to-Device 5G Networks
Dr. Melkamu Deressa, Yimer Amedie, Kassahun Geresu (ASU, 2019-08-22)
Device-to-device (D2D) communication is a promising wireless technology for the next 5G networks to improve network capacity and user experience. However, in large and complex network, optimizing th. . .
Source: Department of Information Technology

Network Performance Optimization: A Case Study of Assosa University Campus Network
Genen Abera, Berhanu Anbase (ASU, 2019-08-22)
In today’s modern and global world, the importance and added values provided by Network infrastructure is evident whether it is for business enterprises, government entities or educational instituti. . .
Source: Department of Information Technology

The Usage and Effect of Social Media Network on Students’ Academic Achievement in Assosa University
cheru Haile, Yimer Amedie, Abebe Senbeta, Bini (ASU, 2019-05-25)
Social network is a phenomena which has a new science of media network based on web based service that gives individual the opportunity to create either a public or group profile within a bounded sy. . .
Source: Department of Information Technology

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